5 Tips For Planning A Change

This weekend I was forced to do something I wasn’t quite ready for. Prepare for a snowpocalyps! Like many other states we are about to experience the aftermath of Typhoon Nuri (USA Today) and were told to expect up to 12 inches of snow. Really? In November? At some point on Saturday I silently prayed for my husband to accept a job somewhere where there was never snow before I had finished packing up Halloween decorations! Don’t get me wrong, I like snow. In December! Or at the very least Thanksgiving.

In the midst of the panic that surrounds a sudden change in plans, I remembered that this is not new. Snow comes every year in MN and sometimes stays longer than I would like. I had to take a step back and refocus on what needed to happen in order to get the yard and family ready for winter. We have a plan every year. So we spent the weekend cutting down shrubs, mowing the lawn and putting away lawn furniture. After finishing the plan, we relaxed. Confident we could hunker down for a few days while the storm came through.

Some changes are unexpected and some are planned.  What are your plans for 2015? Whatever they are, having a roadmap is important. With a good plan, you can be prepared for whatever comes you way!

Know the why behind the change.

Recognizing why you want a change is important. Maybe you’re looking for a new job because your boss is hard to work with. Will changing jobs, or leaving a company where you have a good benefits package, be fulfilling? Will taking on a new set of clients get your business over the top?

Only you can know the answer but taking an honest look at the why is the first step.

Research the heck out of it!

You wouldn’t travel from New York to California by winging it would you? (maybe some of you would and for that I am a bit jealous)! Researching the best route for you (great pit stops, quickest route, etc.) will make the trip memorable with minimum stress. The same thing goes for taking on something new. Build your plan around what is important to you.

For example, you wouldn’t want to jump into a new job without spending time researching if the company values match yours, or if the culture fits your lifestyle.

Doing your homework is important!

Find a mentor/coach.

Never be afraid to ask for help or advice. Finding someone, either a counselor, mentor or coach, whom you can bounce ideas off of will help you hone in on your goals. A coach can help you find out why you want a change and help you set goals to get there.

When I started my coaching business, I hired a business coach. She helped me set up a plan, organize my why and helped me feel confident with my decisions. I always find myself going back to all she taught me any time I change something in my business.

Be prepared- things won’t go according to plan!

Even with a great plan, there are things you can’t anticipate. Like a snow storm that comes a month early, there are many things out of your control.

Having a plan in place helps you get through those setbacks and quickly get back on course.

Take baby steps. Often.

Making changes can be overwhelming. When people are overwhelmed they tend to stop moving forward and instead get stuck where they are.

Once you have a roadmap in place for where you want to go, you can take baby steps towards your goal. Write down your plan and what actions will bring it to life. Post it somewhere you can see it daily.  Plaster your wall with post it notes. Print the graphic in this blog to remind you. Whatever works for you. What matters is that you are moving forward towards your goal!

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

blog roadmap (1)

No matter what you are dreaming of doing in 2015, you, and only you, are the one who can make it happen. Start planning today and watch it happen. I believe you can do it. Do you?

If you enjoy this blog, I would love for you to share it with your family and friends. Also, feel free to leave a comment. I enjoy hearing from you!

To your development, growth and amazing potential,


Career Development Coach



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