Jump Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Last week, I began an adventure that I never thought I would do. I started taking a creative writing course. I took the class in hopes that I would feel more comfortable writing. Sharing my voice. Telling my stories in a written way. For those of you who know me personally, you know I can tell story after story after story. Ideally there is a point to the story…but that’s another topic!

My issue has always been writing like I am talking. I am great at details, describing things, etc. when talking but something happens when I write. It’s like something in my brains says “Write structured” “Add no depth”.

Maybe it’s from spending so many years writing in corporate America. Writing training documents, emails and presentations that all had the same professional tone to them. That’s what was required. Expected. It was all I knew.

Writing with my voice. My heart. This was new. Frightening actually. What if you don’t like what I write? What if it’s not good enough? All the things I coach my clients through all the time. Only this time it was me who needed coaching. My husband was that coach. He suggested I take a class, a writing class specifically, in hopes it would release my fears and make me more open to writing. His hope is that this class will help me stop worrying about being perfect and just write about things that are important to me. Thus has began the six week creative writing course, or maybe “journey” is a better word, that started last Wednesday.

Fear is a weird thing isn’t it? It consumes our thoughts, paralyses actions, and puts self-doubt into our heads. It can stop us in our tracks from moving forward. We get that funny feeling in our stomachs and those thoughts that creep in telling us we ‘can’t’. I barely slept Saturday because I was thinking about this class and how I couldn’t possible write the assignments that would be given.

So, what happens when we face our fears? Amazingly quite often the things we think are going to happen don’t. So often we look back after working through a fear and say, “why was I ever afraid of that?”  I want to encourage you not to step outside your comfort zone- JUMP. Jump in with both feet and defeat that fear!  On the other side of fear is confidence, excitement and your dreams. They have been waiting for you!!   nomad

When I had to submit my first assignment I panicked. Did I mention I have to write fiction stories? I don’t write fiction. I haven’t written a fiction story since high school. How was I going to do this? But I followed the process. Thought about why I wanted to write more effectively, what it would do for me, and I just did it. I wrote a short story. And you know what? Nothing terrible happened. The universe did not explode. Nobody told me I was a horrible writer. In fact, I got great feedback from other students and my instructor. But more importantly I feel damn good that I did it. Proud to say I wrote something I thought I couldn’t. Yeah me! And my dream of feeling comfortable sharing my voice is closer.

So next time you are faced with fear, I encourage you to jump right into that fear. Your potential and greatness will thank you. And I will be waiting for you on the other side to congratulate you!

To your growth, development and amazing potential, 


Career Development Coach


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