Re-Focused For The New Year

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post (7 weeks to be exact). Maybe you missed me. Maybe you didn’t know I was gone. Either way, I knew. I needed some time to refocus on my goals, my life and where I want my business to go. At first I was worried. Worried people would wonder what happened to me. I became embarrassed that I wasn’t fulfilling my commitments. What commitments? The commitment I made to myself to write once a week. I put some serious unrealistic expectations on myself sometimes. Do you do that?

I had to have a real frank discussion with myself and a swift kick to realize that I was driving myself crazy trying to concur the world.

December started with lots of excitement. Excited to get ton done for my business before the New Year. What I failed to take into consideration was that December is a busy month personally for me. My youngest has a birthday at the beginning. And of course, getting things ready for the holidays. Planning meals my family would enjoy and fill their bellies and memories until next year’s Christmas meal. It takes a lot of time to plan for the holidays. Holy cow. You need to take into consideration everyone’s likes, dislikes, needs (aka-I eat gluten free) and ensure we had enough alcohol to make it through the two weeks. Then there is cleaning the house for guests and family, yikes….I am tired rethinking all of it.

Add to that the fun process of mailing out holiday cards. Scrambling to find the right addresses, the time it takes to print the address labels only to realize it didn’t work for the 3rd time so you are stuck hand writing them…oh joy. I love getting my family and friends cards. Knowing for one moment in the year we are all thinking of each other. That’s what it’s all about yet the process still drains me.

When the holiday planning came into play, all my excitement for my business was lost. I didn’t want to write blogs. I didn’t want to put my marketing plan together. I just wanted to throw it all away. Be done. Go back to Corporate America. Surely it would be easier than this. Running a business, or trying to.  Trying to be successful and make an impact is hard. Harder than I ever thought it would be.  I realized I needed to refocus on my professional direction. I had to tell myself what I tell my clients-it’s important to pause and reflect on where we are and if the road we are on is the right one.

So I did that. I stopped. And refocused my mind. Became one in the moment with my family. Made memories. Read professional articles to better myself. Started knitting again and even bought a coloring book, sat down and colored. Yes, I colored. Like I did when I was 9. I love to color and why in the world did I stop because I got older?

You know what happened while I was 10553569_849792108374103_452613520280372391_ncoloring? My mind slowed down. I started thinking about my business. What was important and who was important in it. I forgave myself for the wrong turns I made in 2014. And I started getting excited for this year. I started believing I am making a difference in people’s lives. That the work I do matters. My heart started feeling full again and most importantly I believed in myself and my purpose. I am back on the road towards MY goals. Not anyone else’s version of my goals. Mine. And it feels great!

My hope for you is to take time to pause and reflect. Do you want to be more fulfilled at work, find a new job, become an entrepreneur, go back to school, or be more involved in your community? What does your heart desire? No matter what it is- don’t be afraid to quiet down once in a while and see what unfolds.

To your development, growth and amazing potential,


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