Just A Feeling….

Feelings. We all have them-the good, the bad and the ugly ones. Those feelings that warm our hearts and make us feel whole. Or give a punch in the gut and remind us to avoid it at all costs. I have begun working to build my life around the good feelings. The one’s I want to set the course for how I feel every day.

First thing is to acknowledge my feelings. Say out loud how I want to feel in a situation, in a moment or all the time. It takes a lot of practice, patience and honesty to not only commit myself to those feelings but actually share them with those I care about.

Recently, I put together the plans for an event I have been “talking about” for months. I have talked, dreamed and envisioned it but never pulled the trigger. Why? Because I am scared. Scared no one will come. Scared people won’t feel the same leaving the event as I want them to. Fear is paralyzing. But I kept reminding myself that if I want to live a life of inspiration, if I want to inspire/motivate others, I have to try. Throw myself into the universe and invite people in. Face my fear head on.image

I have always led my life by my feelings I just didn’t know it until I purposely say down and thought about my life. My decisions, both personally and professionally, have been based on a core set of feelings and here they are (for all to see….)

Joy . Calm . Inspiration .  Empowerment .  Resilience . Motivation .  Confident .  Harmony. 

Knowing this and acknowledging this has been eye opening and exhilarating. I am making goals and plans with these intended feelings as the outcome. I am walking away from things that don’t match with these feelings. It’s an exciting time!

How do you do this yourself? Think about the different areas of your life-work, home, family/love/friends, etc. and jot down how you want to feel in each bucket.

For example, for family/friends I knew I wanted to feel happy and excited in these relationships or areas of my life. Thinking about it more, I noticed that the word harmony felt right. I want two sided relationships. No drama. People in my life that support each other, etc. Harmony became my word for this part of my life and I try as best I can to always have that at the forefront of my relationships (just ask anyone-I hate conflict and drama!)

I encourage you to try it. I would love to hear your set feelings that shape your life, but remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time, diligence and practice around this. Trying things, trying different words, etc. And when it feels right-it probably is.

To your growth, development & amazing potential,



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