The 3 things my dogs taught me.

I love dogs. All dogs. Big ones and little ones. Shaggy haired. You get it. I love them. I have two dogs, Bella and Apollo. I tell people I have four kids-two 2 legged variety and two 4 legged variety. It’s true. They are a part of me. Our family.

My dogs are wonderful. Maybe a bit annoying with the crazy barking. How dare you decided to take your dog for a walk on OUR sidewalk. And those birds…why do they chose our yard to torment us? Don’t get me started on the bunny. The damn thing literally will be in our yard and when the dogs run outside, it runs outside the fence and sits there. Bastard.

Outside of their annoying habits (we all have them don’t we?) my dogs have taught me 3 simple yet powerful life lessons.

  1. Live in the moment- When our dogs do something wrong, they quickly let us know. When one eats a sandwich a kid left on the table you immediately know which one it was as they cower towards another room, head down and tail between their legs. They get it. They were wrong. They are going to get yelled at and who likes it when mom yells at them? But, 5 minutes later. They have moved on. They don’t spend the day moping around. They aren’t still thinking about it the next day or days later.

Why do I let something bother me for days? If only I could accept that I was wrong in a moment and then move on. I know how that would feel. Freeing!

  1. Play and Play Often (even if you are lying down)- the other night I came home from a long day at work. I was exhausted and one of our dogs was laying on the floor in the room where the family was hanging out. I came in and sat beside him. He was gnawing on a tennis ball, dropping it to the ground and scooping it up and playfully gnawing again. He was in heaven. He didn’t even get up from a laying position! Our dogs play all the time (well, when they aren’t napping1381538_10151970578324532_714051073_n or barking at those darn birds!)

What if we played more and worried less? Would we find that even in our dog tired state we would still find something to keep our playful spirit alive?

  1. Show your love. Abundantly
    When anyone comes home, our dogs greet them like they hadn’t seen them in a year! Even if I have only been gone for 10 minutes! They run, jump, kiss, and hug us with so much excitement we can’t help but laugh and get in a great mood. Sometimes they greet me with more excitement than any of the two legged people that live in my house. It makes me smile each day!

What would happen if we greeted those humans who are most important to us with that excitement and energy to warm their heart each time we see them. How will they pay that feeling forward? I am definitely trying to do more of this as I know that I LOVE the feeling I get from dog greetings-I bet those I care about would too!

Dogs. They say they are man’s best friend. They are there for us through thick and thin, don’t judge us and love us unconditionally. But who knew they were life coaches too?

Do you love dogs (or other animals?) How do they make you feel and what lessons have you learned from them? Do tell-I want to know!

To your growth, development and amazing potential!



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