How far I’ve come…

Are you a risk taker? I am not. Never have been. I do not like heights, bridges or swimming in the ocean. I also hate not having a plan and uncertainty. I certainly have never taken a risk with my career. I went to college, got a degree and a job. I grew that job into a career. One I thought I would do forever. Steady growth in a corporation. A pay check every two weeks. It was what I envisioned. I secretly wished I had the guts to run a business. Take crazy risks. Anything different than what I was doing. Of course, I never shared this with anyone in my life. These were secrets deep in my mind. Until, I was blessed with the opportunity to seize my dream. With a layoff in May 2012, I remember thinking ‘this is it!’, ‘give it a go’. Take the leap. Believe in yourself and GO. GET. THEM!

Funny how those thoughts were buried under the little black cloud of fear.
When I decided to go on my own, I went with what I technically knew what to do- strategy execution and project management. It was photo-1429277096327-11ee3b761c93
easy and I felt I could do it.  It was fun and I learned a lot of things (what companies I enjoyed working for, what types of clients I work best with, etc.). I also learned I missed not helping others reach their potential. This was the foundation of my entire 15 year corporate career. As a team leader, mentor and volunteer career coach, I yearned to help individuals reach their potential and develop a sense of confidence in themselves. As an independent consultant, I didn’t have that. And, I needed it. It had to be a part, if not, all of what I did in my professional life. Thus, I threw caution to the wind and started believing I could do it. I launched my professional development business, Through-The-Hayes officially in July 2014!

When I started out, I knew very little. Wow, how far you come after diving into something head first. What I thought I would be doing has evolved. Grown into something I couldn’t have envisioned. I am thrilled and inspired by all the amazing people I am blessed to help. I have learned what I am great at- inspiring others to gain awareness to their strengths, energies, desires and more. This is the foundation to building a solid plan for them-whether their goal is to find a new career, become more engaged in the career they have, build their leadership skills or bring balance to their entire lives. I also never considered myself an expert in communication, but I am. I can clearly help individuals articulate their wants/desires.  I can write it for them in a way that describes them to a T on paper. Teach them the power of confidence in communication and more. Things that I am naturally great at are what make my business what it is today.

I am happy to have survived the first year in business and I am even happier to look back and think wow-look how far I have come. I wonder what the next year will bring. And the year after that and so on. It’s what keeps me going day after day.

I am curious- have you tried something new or taken a risk? If so, how did it work out for you? What did you learn? Tell me, I would love to know!

To Your Growth, Development and Amazing Potential,

Lisa Hayes

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