Happiness. More Than A Word

August is Happiness Happens month (https://www.guideposts.org/august-is-happiness-happens-month). A month to do things that make you happy. Share what makes you happy. Smile more.

Being a person who lives her life as a glass half full, I am constantly trying to approach things that are happy or positive. I surround myself with books that make me happy, watch shows that make me feel good (most of the time because sometimes a girl needs a bit of Law and Order SVU). I like to feel good and I try to live my life in a way that speaks to that. I shy away or turn away from so called ‘Debbie Downers’. Nah sayers drain me.

Tonight, I am trying to be happy. My friend, Karen, died today after a lengthy battle with cancer. Cancer sucks. Plain and simple. Karen is a person who lived life in the most positive way. She always wore a smile on her face and her eyes had the brightest light in them. Over the last 3 years I haven’t seen her as often. We met in 2006 when I started working at Best Buy’s Corporate office. I was new to the training team and Karen was a veteran trainer. She welcomed me in, taught me so many things and more importantly was the sunshine on the team each and every day. After both of us were laid off, we only saw each other periodically. Meeting for coffee, talking about our lives, admiring her fantastic shoe collection. Each time, she wore her welcoming smile and her positive attitude. It drew people in.

Karen loved many things. Funny jokes, great food, cats, her Norwegian heritage, fabulous shoes (she never turned down a chance to shop for shoes!), bright colors, cardinals and flowers. She loved flowers. photo-1433208406127-d9e1a0a1f1aaWhenever I see flowers blooming, I will think of Karen. The world lost an amazing woman today. The happiest person I know, died during happiness month. Now, each and every August, I will not only celebrate Happiness Happens month but Karen as well.

God Speed Karen. Your happy and caring personality were a great reminder of how we should each live our lives. I will take my time to mourn your leaving but promise to be as happy as I can. For you.

To your growth, development and amazing potential,

Lisa Hayes
Professional Development Coach


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