How Will You Celebrate ‘Update Your Resume Month’?

Did you know that September is, International Update Your Resume Month, designated by Career Directors International? I am not surprised-the fall is a great time to take stock of where you are in your career and put some organization around things like networking and resumes.

In fact, I view resumes the same as I view networking. Something you should be nurturing and updating constantly so that when it’s needed, you aren’t scrambling to update it. As we celebrate this important piece of your job search (now or in the future) here are some things to help.

  1. Evaluate Career Objectives. No matter when you last updated your resume, take a look at what you have and compare with your career objectives. Does your resume reflect you goals and ambitions for the future (aka this is your summary section of your resume). If not, it’s time to spend some time getting it right.
  2. Set up a Resume File. Keep a folder in your email box and also a paper one to house anything over time that could help you update your resume-kuddos from a business leader or boss. Recognition from a client. Notes about a volunteer event you attended. Copies of your annual review. Anything that will help you remember details when you sit down to update your resume.
  3. Continue Learning. Learning new skills enhances your resume. Sign up and take online classes like at Udemy, attend development workshops (either in your photo-1416339442236-8ceb164046f8company or in the community), etc. Add these new skills and trainings to not only your resume but your LinkedIn profile as well.  Learning also doesn’t have to just be about skill development. Enhancing your own development comes from many places. Those listed above but you can also find great articles online or read business books/blogs tailored to your career objectives that will grow your knowledge base.
  4. Volunteer Your Time. Spending time volunteering gives you more depth on your resume. If a potential company believes in community give back and you show that you consistently volunteer for the local animal shelter, you show alignment with their values. Not only that, but you meet amazing people, feel good about the work you are doing and may actually build some new skills that you can put on your resume (see number 3).

So celebrate this month by getting your resume back on track! I am curious, are there other ways you could enhance your resume? Leave a comment and share what you have tried and how it has worked for you.

To your growth, development and amazing potential,
Lisa Hayes
Professional Development Coach



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